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I AM My Sister’s Keeper


I AM My Sister’s Keeper’s mission is to empower each sister to take back her broken pieces and create the most beautiful Mosaic ever! As women, we have never really been taught how to truly relate to one another. We are helping women understand, embrace, and develop the unique creation called WOMAN no matter where we come from, or who our parents are. LOVE supersedes it ALL and we, the women, the Sisters of I AM My Sister’s Keeper, love you!


Our vision and goal is to be an enabler of change by liberating you from the things that restrict and hinder you, encouraging and supporting you to help you continue to build yourself strong, by providing the tools and the resources you need to meet your needs personally, as well as the needs of your family. We are sisters standing together making steps with you.

I AM My Sister’s Keeper is an accountability partner to every woman we come in contact with. Before that woman goes off track with life issues, we are there to lend a helping hand, to encourage, to strengthen, to call, to pray, to lift her up from the darkness of despair.

I AM My Sister’s Keeper is an international, global ministry, focused on encouraging our women in faith, community, Christian character and sound doctrine, and equipping them to use their God-given talents that were designed for them to be channels of encouragement, compassion, and mercy in Christ-like love. We will host women’s conferences and provide resources that will equip women to handle life’s difficulties while enriching their hearts, encouraging their souls and expanding their ministries.

YOU matter to IAMSK,  YOU are loved by IAMSK, and IAMSK has YOUR back!!!

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