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Minister Karolyn believes that the Christian Education Ministry is the most important ministry in the church.  The Christian Education Ministry exists to enhance discipleship by providing biblical instruction for Christian growth, and the tools for evangelizing and applying the Word of God through the development of educational opportunities designed to ignite a desire to learn God’s Word.

Minister Johnson teaches an eight-week course ‘So You Want To Be A Teacher’ that equips those who have been called to teach or who have a desire to teach with an approach to teach at their respective churches.   This course will focus on building skills for the beginning teacher in three different areas: how to study and prepare, how to pull the information together, and finally how to get it across to the students.

Class Format

The class format for this course will include lecture, discussion, take home assignments, practicum, and teach backs. Students will have a Student Training Manual, Assorted Handouts and Worksheets.

As a result of this class, those who participate will be able to:

  1. Understand the requirements of a teacher.
  2. Develop an effective lesson plan with specific and measurable objectives.
  3. Study the Bible inductively.
  4. Conduct a scriptural word study.
  5. Understand the various needs and learning styles of students.
  6. Create and manage the elements conducive to an effective learning environment.
  7. Teach others effectively.
  8. Observe, experience, and perform specific aspects of their training in actual class settings.

Minister Johnson travels to different churches across the state to teach this course to the Body of Christ equipping them how to teach God’s Word. Contact her now to teach the So You Want To Be A Teacher course to your members.

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