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This picture is with my cousin Nora Randall-Johnson.  We were attending our grandmother’s funeral and even in the midst of sadness, there was still reason to smile.


Shanetta Dingle

I have been blessed by the inspiration, motivation, and prayers of Ms. Karolyn. There is a saying that God sends His angels when you least expect it and I will have to say that about Ms. Karolyn. I have been unemployed for several months and this past January, my son, who is 13 was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We were behind financially, but I had the faith and belief that God will never leave or forsake you.
Ms. Karolyn came along and blessed me with her positive talks and made calls, pulled strings and thank God, I am working at a great company that I enjoy working at. I feel at ease and my son will soon be getting an Insulin Pump to regulate his diabetes, however I know the Lord will heal him completely. Ms. Karolyn is a true angel of the Lord and I thank God everyday for sending me and my family a person that is so spiritual, God-fearing, and loving to all. God Bless you forever Ms. Karolyn.

Prophetess Ilka L Johnson

While I have only been acquainted with Minister Johnson a short period of time, it seems as if she has been one of the thread-like conduits to the revival fires of the ministry to which I’ve been called; an encouragement to both my corporate, and my personal life. The bible says that in order to have a friend, one must first be a friend…Minister Karolyn has gone beyond the call of duty as a friend, a co-laborer in the gospel of Jesus, and a sister. Her heart is one that is TRULY seeking to know the heart, mind, and will of The Father and to empower and to equip others to escape yokes of sin and bondage.

It never gets too early, nor too late for her to listen and respond in truth and love. Several months ago, I sensed the leading of The Lord to request that she be one the teachers/1st responders at an upcoming women’s summit. Her subject matter changed, the dates changed, but nothIng changed about her eagerness to serve. Not only did she graciously accept, but she also inquired about the other tasks that were needed to make it a “Great Success”. If those acts of love weren’t enough, She covered her own travel expenses and flat out refused to accept reimbursement for it.

I Love this Great Woman of GOD for ALL that is hidden in/about her and anxiously await the opportunity to bless her…


Pastor Steve Johnson, The Ark Church

Minister Karolyn Johnson has a word for today’s women who are excelling in the business arena.  She maintains a passion for women experiencing life’s discouragements by drawing from her own life story.  Her dynamic and transformational presentation of the Gospel will bless you!


Angela Daye

To God be all the Glory. Five years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Karolyn Johnson. I was going through major changes in my life at the time and was desperately seeking a home for my family. Karolyn worked diligently and wholeheartedly through paperwork and approvals to assist my family. As I entered her office I could see and hear righteousness and the power of God throughout her conversation. I could hear gospel music playing in the background. She encouraged me on a daily basis with God’s Word and her own testimony. I remember when the approval came forth I laid prostrate on her office floor and we praised God together.

Karolyn is understanding, full of God’s love, and is not judgemental. Yes, she is a chosen vessel of God sent to teach, minister, and hold the arms of God’s people like unto Aaron and Hur as they walked with Moses. I’m so thankful for her gracefulness and commitment to serve Jesus Christ our Lord. She exudes confidence as she boldly declares the Word of God. She shall tread upon the head of the enemy with power. I believe that . She is productive and always seeks ways to encourage uplift and assist God’s people. She is faithful in all her ways. She is an accomplished woman of God. There is no fear in her. Thank you Karolyn Johnson. God Bless you. Always.


Joanice L. Johnson

I believe God sends people in your life at the right time for the right reasons. There are so many testimonies and stories that I can share on how Karolyn has been a blessing to me. However, it was this one time, a few years ago, when I was going through a very dark period in my life and in my walk, that I was ready to throw up my hands and walk away. I was talking with two women locally about this dark period and they were praying for me endlessly. But, it was on the 3rd day of this period that right after I cried out to the Lord, I received a phone call from North Carolina, Ms. Karolyn. She told me that the Lord placed me in her heart and told her to call me….And we talked and prayed…accountability and encouragement!! Though I wanted that cup of suffering to just be removed from me, though I did not want to walk through this pain, on the 3rd day, God sent His 3rd vessel, and gave her the words to guide and counsel me, as I went through what I needed to go through in order for me and my family to reach the next level in our spiritual journey. Oh what a joy!!!

“She is faithful in all her ways.”


Michelle Smith

I have known Karolyn for 5 years. She is a wonderful friend who I have been able to trust in my most difficult times. She has listened to me, prayed for and with me and always has an encouraging word. Karolyn is an awesome prayer intercessor and a powerful teacher of the word.

As a friend she is loyal fun loving, supportive and someone that can be counted on to keep your confidence. Karolyn is someone who chooses love, and that can be felt whenever you are in her presence and seen in everything she does.


Alice Rogers

When Minister Karolyn and I met, I was going thru a time time of struggle of a divorce from a very wordly and mean man. She would always give me scripture, and encourage my spirit.  Karolyn is a motivator. She prayed for me and loves me unconditionally.  She inspired me thru the Word of God and encouraged me more than she will ever know.  I love and appreciate you!


Pastor Tijuan C Evans

Minister Karolyn Johnson brings foundational exegesis for spiritual and physical nourishment. Her direct hands on approach leaves no participant behind, A wealth of resources and knowledge for generations to come.


Miko Marsh

I’ve known Karolyn about four years now. Trying to describe her is like showing your friend a rainbow and then setting out to find where it lands. It’s practically impossible. Karolyn offers the world her talents in multiple ways, and there’s no end in sight to her work. You may not see her for a while as she rests, but she is sure to appear somewhere soon – vibrantly sharing her talents with someone who needs them. I met Karolyn through a Bible study, and she was the only person to answer a question I’d had for more than a year – “What does it mean to kick against pricks?” Not only did she explain the meaning, she painted a word picture that made understanding simple for anyone reading. During her lessons, she would give background for the study, a time reference, information about the people involved, and set the stage before asking probing questions. By the time the lesson was finished, there would be no misunderstandings because she takes the time to explain the “who, what, when, where, why, and how.”

The benefit about her being a teacher is that she typically becomes a motivating coach, too. Instead of helping you make excuses for not doing something, she pushes you to do business until His return. She will help point you in the right direction without robbing you of the chance to learn. She has been open to questions and will ask if you truly want the answers. In speaking with her, she is trustworthy and also keeps matters confidential, which is not often seen in a time where people are quick to share what they know.

Karolyn has had formal training, been mentored in ministry, and has years of speaking and teaching experience, which speaks for itself. While those credentials are often seen in other ministries, the difference is the result produced. Karolyn strives to bring understanding of God’s Word to the listener/reader and can do so because she first applies it to herself. She avoids speaking presumptuously about a topic of which she is unsure and will pray for guidance before acting. She is also humble enough to refer people to someone else if that person can better assist the one asking. The true test of learning is to understand something so well that you can explain it to someone else. Karolyn is aware that the Body of Christ is in need of understanding and is not selfish about helping others grow because we all grow together. She is able to assist the new Believer needing milk and challenges the more mature Believer to learn the deep things of God. She has done this and more without asking for anything in return. She works tirelessly, moves steadily forward, gives unselfishly, prays continually, and lives out her faith as she hungrily pursues Christ. She has a passion for the Word of God and desires that “whosoever will” will come to Christ and learn of Him. I am thankful for the opportunity to have met her and greatly appreciate the time she invests into helping us learn more about our great God.

“This woman is God-filled, a teacher, a nourisher, a giver, and most of all full of LOVE.”


Doris Howard

Karolyn Johnson was introduced to me in 2004 for hair care needs. After I did the “big chop”(insider), our story begins. I’ve grown to know Karolyn as a compassionate individual for the edifying and teaching of the Word of God. I’ve watched her strong sense of duty to teach, peach, and edify God’s Word. Karolyn has been blessed with a unique skill of bringing understanding of the Word of God enlightening to the youngest, as well as the oldest of people.

Karolyn‘s social skills and the way she conducts herself is of prudence and respect. I can always depend on Karolyn‘s wisdom in regards to my lack of understanding of the Word of God. We often enjoy sharing our life’s experiences. She has the ability to bring humor to our life’s trials and tribulation with the Word of God. Because of this, I value her in my life. She’s definitely a gem. In God we Trust.

“She works tirelessly, moves steadily forward, gives unselfishly, prays continually, and lives out her faith as she hungrily pursues Christ.”


Gwen Mayo

When I first met this Woman of God, she was Minister Karolyn Johnson.  She worked with the youth and preformed administrative duties in the church.  There was an anointing on her life that attracted my spirit.  I began to watch her actions and reactions (or as we would say checking her out), and unknown to me, she was checking me out too.

Quickly our spirits connected and we started talking and the friendship and love for each other blossomed! She is now Ms.Karolyn Johnson and the godmother of my grandson (Camerin).  The bond we have has taken us both to spiritual levels in our walk with Christ that we never imagined.  She empowers me with nuggets from God’s Word that made me thirst more, to study more, to pray more, and to uplift others in a way that I had never done before.

This woman is God-filled, a teacher, a nourisher, a giver, and most of all full of LOVE.  She is amazing, a true friend, my sister in Christ and simply KJ.

I LOVE YOU, Thank you God for sending her my way!


Pastor Carl David Wright, New Jackson Tabernacle, Kankakee, IL

I’ve been knowing Ms. Karolyn Johnson for 15 years or more.  She has always been a reader of God’s Word with a good interpretation of the Word.  She has a way of presenting the Gospel which will sometimes make you scratch your head but make you study harder.  Keep studying God’s Word so that you will be the vehicle in which God draws His people.

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